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What Is A Skid Steer?

what is a skid steer
A skid steer, sometimes called a skid steer loader or compact loader, is a compact piece of multipurpose construction equipment that is typically used for things like loading and digging. It's manoeuvrable, lightweight, and its arms can be attached to different tools for a variety of construction and landscaping jobs.
The wheels remain straight, in a fixed alignment and do not turn. To turn the equipment, the skid steer operator needs to increase the speed of the wheel on one side, causing the wheel to slip or drag on the ground as the equipment rotates in the opposite direction. This steering function is where the machine gets its name from.
Therefore, it can efficiently work through narrow spaces with widened working arms. The host has small width, compact design and low cost of use.
what is a skid steer
What Is a Skid Steer Used For?
The hallmark characteristic of the skid steer is its variety of attachment options, making it possible to perform a wide range of jobs using the same piece of equipment. The standard attachment for a skid steer is a bucket, but teams can swap this out for any number of alternatives that make it possible for a skid steer to perform the functions of many different types of equipment. Traditionally, operators use a skid steer’s bucket to lift or move heavy materials.
 What Is a Skid Steer Used For
Clearing Snow
A skid steer’s bucket can quickly clear snow off roads or a job site, but in more severe winter conditions, operators may choose to use a snow blade or snow blower attachment.
A skid steer can also perform excavation tasks, thanks to attachments such as a ripper, trencher, tiller or wheel saw.
Skid steers can help speed up work on construction and building projects, and can be outfitted with a cement mixer or pavement miller.
What Is a Skid Steer Used For

The stump grinder, wood chipper, tree spade and trench-digging attachments make a skid steer a good choice for landscaping work, while pallet forks and bale spears are best suited for warehouse tasks and farm work.
Trenching and Digging
Finally, skid steers offer a wide range of popular digging attachments such as the trench-digger, backhoe and auger (which operates like a corkscrew to dig a precise hole).
In almost any work site scenario, the correct attachment makes your skid steer the best choice for any task. With this in mind, teams need to ensure that skid steer operators stay up to date on safety and maintenance guidelines for the skid steer itself and the attachments they use for each project.
what is a skid steer with attachment

How Much Does a Skid Steer Weigh?
Skid steers come in a few different sizes and weights, each of which works best for different types of jobs.
Small-frame skid steer: <1,750 lbs., <50 horsepower
Medium-frame skid steer: 1,750-2,200 lbs., 50-70 horsepower
Large-frame skid steer: >2,200 lbs., >70 horsepower
what is a ride on / walk behind skid steer
what is a skid steer
what is a skid steer

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