How Does An Amphibious Excavator Work?

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The most common use for amphibious excavators is dredging, both in swamps and over water, where standard excavators can get stuck. These machines are versatile and can work on land or float on water. They are designed to work in any situation.
You can operate an amphibious excavator to cut down aquatic vegetation, clear canals and waterways, and more. The machine is similar in design to a traditional excavator, but has the added advantage that it can operate in swamps and water.
Application of amphibious vehicle
The floating undercarriage of the excavator creates a safe working platform for difficult sites. Every detail of the unique design of amphibious excavators is the result of careful study and field experience.
The shape of the pontoons and modern high strength steels, powerful drive motors and a chain system similar to conventional excavators are just some of the features that create safety, quality and better performance in the end.
 How does an amphibious swamp excavator work
Digging and Suction Dredging
The DIG-DOG amphibious excavator can complete various dredging works in shallow water areas up to 14 meters deep, while ordinary amphibious excavators can complete work in shallow water areas below 9 meters.
Removing mud or rock, improving reservoirs or cleaning industrial waste ponds are the most common applications for floating excavators, which can also be used as tool carriers for suction dredging equipment.
Clearing waterways
Amphibious excavators also work easily in canals and other narrow waterways. Debris, debris, tree limbs, and excess sediment that has accumulated at the bottom of the watercourse can be removed with a rake or dredging bucket.
Landscaping and cutting of aquatic vegetation
A floating excavator offers a safe and convenient way to green up swampy areas along the shoreline. If the machine is equipped with a rake, the removal of aquatic vegetation and its roots can be carried out efficiently. In addition, special hydraulic tools can be used to remove weeds, willows and other shrubs from the shoreline.
 How does an amphibious swamp excavator work?
Construction of dams and restoration of wetlands
Dam systems are built to prevent river or coastal flooding and to conserve water resources. When it is necessary to build dams in places inaccessible to conventional excavators or cranes, amphibious excavators are used.
The floating excavator has been successfully used to build levees and dams in wet, soft soils such as swamps and wetlands around the world.
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