How To Choose a Wheel Loader

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Before starting any project, site managers and loader operators need to pick the right job equipment. Selecting the right loader comes down to the weight a team needs to move and the tools needed to do so.
How To Choose a Wheel Loader
Pick the Right Size
Wheel loaders come in four sizes: compact, small, medium and large. Loaders fall into these categories based on their bucket size, indicating the weight they can carry.
Small and compact loaders carry up to 4 tons, while large machines carry up to 18. While small wheel loaders’ buckets are usually 1 yard wide, the largest models have buckets 8 yards long.
How To Choose a Wheel Loader
Consider Necessary Tools
Depending on the job at hand, operators should use different types of loaders. When laying tracks, a swing loader benefits from a wider range of motion and more precision. If operators need to dig through the surface after they drive over it, a backhoe loader offers the right attachment. Finally, when navigating uneven surfaces or tightly packed terrain, a track loader or skid loader provides enhanced mobility.
How To Choose a Wheel Loader
Wheel Loader Attachments
Loaders may benefit from a simple design and straightforward utility, but their versatility truly sets them apart. By affixing different attachments to the boom, one machine can do the work of several. Many loaders even come with tools that let operators quickly switch attachments on the fly. Some examples include:Buckets, forks, couplers, lifting jibs, rakes, pushers, shovels, augers,  brooms, stump grinders.
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