The difference between Backhoe loader and wheel loader

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Wheel loaders With their high bucket capacity, these machines are ideal for shoveling material into trucks and transporting it throughout a job site, lifting virtually anything including soil, gravel, rubble, debris and dirt.
A wheel loader has a bucket for scooping up, lifting and dumping material rather than a flat blade for pushing.The most notable difference between the two machines is that the backhoe has attachments at both ends, while the wheel loader only has a bucket at the front. 
Backhoe loaders are the perfect equipment for jobs that require digging and material movement.
They typically have an articulated arm and small bucket in the back for digging, while the bucket in the front performs material handling and leveling. The frame structure of a backhoe is similar to that of a wheel loader, with four wheels and a cab.
Models and sizes
Backhoe excavators and wheel loaders are available in different models based on operating weight, efficiency requirements and power capacity. Both types of equipment are available in compact, medium and large size ranges.
Compact models provide speed and efficiency for small landscaping jobs or jobs that require high maneuverability in tight spaces.Likes DIG-DOG Brand of mini wheel loader ZL10E, ZL17, ZL25, ZL30, and DIG-DOG Brand of mini backhoe loaderBL350, BL750.
Medium duty loaders typically have buckets twice the size of compact buckets and are the most popular machines for general construction. Likes DIG-DOG Brand of mini wheel loader ZL50, ZL60.
Larger models with more powerful engines and greater material capacity can handle heavy-duty tasks on larger job sites.
DIG-DOG company mainly produces compact loaders and backhoe loaders.  If you are considering purchasing them, please contact us today, our experts will give you the most professional advice.
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