DIG-DOG BL350 Backhoe Loader 3500 Kg

Item No.: BL350
    Rated Load: 1.2 ton
    Backhoe capacity: 0.2 m³
    Loader capacity: 0.8 m³
    Rated power: 18.4 kw
    Upgradeable Configuration
    Custom Attachments
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DIG-DOG BL350 Backhoe Loader 3500 Kg

BL350 Overview

The DIG-DOG BL350 mini backhoe loader is red in color, with beautiful appearance and compact structure. Its rated loading weight is 1200kg, the loading bucket capacity is 0.8 cubic meters, and the digging bucket capacity is 0.2 cubic meters. Form speed 5/18 kilometers per hour.
The BL350 backhoe loader is equipped with an 18.4KW engine. It is a powerful and easy-to-operate multi-purpose mechanical equipment that can meet the various needs of homes, farms, small commercial uses, emergency rescue, rivers, gardens, road maintenance and other places.
Best Mini Backhoe Loader | Compact Loader Factory
DIG-DOG BL350 small backhoe loader uses a central articulated frame, with a smaller turning radius, flexible mobility, good lateral stability, and easy loading operations in a narrow field.
The loading device appearance adopts the world's advanced 3CX structure, the excavation device appearance adopts 310SE structure, beautiful appearance, the cab with large area of glass, good lighting and wide vision, the driver operation is more comfortable.

BL350 Features & Benefits

1. It is equipped with a rear digging arm lock to prevent the arm from sinking and ensure the safety and reliability of the machine;
2. Steering angle 28 degrees, turning radius 3000mm;
3. It adopts the excavator multi-way valve system, and its performance is more stable and reliable;
4. Its rear digging arm can be equipped with a telescopic arm (boom telescopic): while working telescopically, it does not affect the digging force of the entire machine;
5. The rear excavation part has an automatic side shift function, which can move sideways while working, improving work efficiency and ensuring that the machine is more 6. stable when driving on the road.

Details Images

Best Mini Backhoe Loader | Compact Loader Factory
Booster Pump
Increase the pressure of the hydraulic system to
meet the needs of various working conditions;
Work is smoother; Improve work efficiency.
Pilot-operated Operation
softer and lighter
has better versatility
ergonomically distributed near the driver's seat comfortable operation
Best Mini Backhoe Loader | Compact Loader Factory
The braking system is safe and reliable,
with air-capped oil caliper
disc-type foot brake system

and external beam-type drum hand brake.
20.5/70-16 Tire
The tooth groove design is anti-slip and durable;
Widen and thicken tire walls;
High quality rubber, strong grip;
Suitable for various complex construction sites.
Best Mini Backhoe Loader | Compact Loader Factory
Hydraulic Device
Using fully hydraulic components;
High quality hydraulic cylinder;
Thickened hydraulic oil pipe;
Pilot hydraulic operating system;
Flexible movement and smooth operation.
Articulated Frame
There is no relative deflection between
the wheel and the frame;
Improved machine adhesion and passing
performance Small turning radius.


Best Mini Backhoe Loader | Compact Loader Factory

Company Profile

Best Mini Backhoe Loader | Compact Loader Factory


DIG-DOG is a branch of BONOVO Group. We have an independent brand and are dedicated to excavation projects in the construction machinery market.
DIG-DOG can provide excavators, wheel loaders, backhoe loaders, skid steer loaders, forklifts for the construction machinery industry, so that you can buy not only a single machine, but also full range of multi-functional and customized attachments to deal with different work requirements.
DIG-DOG machinery products exported more than 80 countries, and DIG-DOG has our own brand agents in North America, South America, Europe and many other regions,and we welcome more friends to become our brand agents. We can provide customers with more convenient and comprehensive after-sales service. Choose DIG-DOG to make your excavation work more easier and more convenient, and choose DIG-DOG to fully realize the possibility of configuring more accessories for the machine.
Best Mini Backhoe Loader | Compact Loader Factory
DIG-DOG BL350 Mini Tractor Backhoe Loader 1.2 Ton
Name/Category unit BL350
Rated Load kg 1200
Loader Bucket Capacity 0.8
Operating Weight kg 3450
Dumping Height mm 2638
Dumping Distance mm 1030
Transmission model / 265Y
Transmission mode / hydraulic torque converter
Low gear km/h 5
High gear km/h 18
Maximum steering angle ° 土 28
Length mm 5600
Width mm 1680
Height mm 2746
Bucket width mm 1680
Wheelbase mm 1775
Track width mm 1620
Minimum ground clearance mm 280
Engine model / XINCHAI490
Engine manufacturer / XINCHAI
Rated power kw 18.4
Rated speed r/min 2650
Axle / Small wheel edge
Tyre / 20.5/70-16
Service brake / vacuum assist
Parking brake / mechanical
Outside of bucket mm 3000
Backhoe bucket capacity 0.2
Max.digging depth mm 2630
Max.digging radius mm 3870
Max.dumping height mm 2700
Max.digging height mm 3688
Max.digging radius lifting capacity kg 460

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Attachments For the BL350 Mini Backhoe Loader

During operation, workers only need to adjust the seat once in the cab to switch from excavator to loader. The DIG-DOG BL350 mini backhoe loader offers a range of configurable attachments that enable it to perform diverse functions. Whether it's digging, loading, or other tasks like crushing, drilling, snow removal, or cleaning, the compact backhoe can be equipped with the appropriate attachments to meet your specific needs.
The core functions of thhis mini tractor backhoe loader include digging and loading, but with its interchangeable attachments, it can be easily transformed for various applications. The attachments are designed to be easy to install and remove, providing maximum flexibility and adaptability.
In addition to its primary functions in mining and loading, this small backhoe loader is capable of handling a range of additional tasks. It can be outfitted with crushers for materials processing, drills for boring holes, snow blowers for snow removal, and brooms or brushes for cleaning applications. This flexibility makes the BL350 a versatile tool for a wide range of industries, including municipal emergency rescue, urban pipelines, landscaping, roads, and more.
Its advanced features and capabilities make it a top choice for contractors and operators who demand maximum productivity with minimum downtime. Its maneuverability and compact size make it ideal for confined spaces, while its lightweight design facilitates easy transportation and storage. Whether you're working in the construction industry, landscaping business, or any other industry that requires digging and loading tasks, It has you covered. With its configurable attachments, The BL350 mini backhoe loader can help you achieve your desired outcomes with ease and efficiency.
Best Mini Backhoe Loader | Compact Loader Factory
Best Mini Backhoe Loader | Compact Loader Factory
Best Mini Backhoe Loader | Compact Loader Factory
Best Mini Backhoe Loader | Compact Loader Factory
Best Mini Backhoe Loader | Compact Loader Factory
Best Mini Backhoe Loader | Compact Loader Factory
1.Are You Original Manufacture?
Yes, DIG-DOG is a Manufacturer In Construction Machinery In China And We Have The Wholeseries Products You Need.
2.Which Incoterms Terms Can We Work?
Normally We Work On FOb, CFR, CIF.
3.Which Payment Terms Do You Accept?
Normally We Can Work On T/T Term Or L/C Term.
4.What About The Warranty Time?
12 Months After Shipment Or 2000 Working Hours.
5.What About The Delivery Time?
7-30 Days After Receiving The Deposit.
6.What About The Minimum Order Quantity Of The Mini Backhoe Loader?
The M
OQ Is 1 Pcs.
7.How Do I Choose The Right Small Backhoe Loader?
-Think About Your Job Surface.
-Assess The
-Look At The Controls.
-Assess Other Functional Features.
-Think About Attachments For Your Compact Machinery.
8. Price Difference?
The product prices on the website fluctuate due to factors such as raw material costs. Please refer to the quotation from the business person in charge.

Best Mini Backhoe Loader | Compact Loader FactoryBest Mini Backhoe Loader | Compact Loader Factory

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