DIG-DOG BL820W Backhoe Loader 8200 Kg

Item No.: BL820W
    Rated load: 2.5 ton
    Loader Capacity: 1.0 m³
    Backhoe Capacity: 0.3 m³
    Rated Power: 70 kw
    Upgradeable Configuration
    Custom Attachments
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BL820W Overview

DIG-DOG BL820W is a cutting-edge mini backhoe loader engineered for superior performance. 
This small tractor with backhoe functionality boasts a modern design and upgraded features, including compliant engines meeting European emission standards such as Perkins and Cummins Euro 5 diesel engines. 
With synchronized transmission and heavy-duty drive axle, it ensures stable and reliable operation, offering both double and four-wheel drive options for enhanced efficiency and safety. 
The streamlined cabin design maximizes visibility, while the ergonomic layout of controls and adjustable air suspension seat prioritize operator comfort. 
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BL820W Features & Benefits

1. Highly dependable hydraulic torque converters and gearboxes are employed to deliver exceptional power, while the specialized bridge for heavy-duty projects operates seamlessly with heightened reliability.
2. Fuse the capabilities of the excavation apparatus and loader into one, rendering it a versatile unit. It encompasses the full spectrum of functionalities seen in a compact excavator and loader, proving more adept in confined areas, enhancing convenience and agility, thereby boosting operational efficiency by over 30%.
3. It's imperative to highlight that the DIGGER-X BL820w boasts an integrated frame structure, ensuring enhanced stability during excavation tasks. This sets it apart from budget alternatives that suffer from structural fragility, often featuring an excavating apparatus mounted at the opposite end of a standalone wheel loader.
4. Enhancing the excavation scope and efficiency, the lateral sliding mechanism facilitates broader excavation operations.
5. Incorporating a front flip-up guard design significantly elevates the overall machine's serviceability.
6. An array of optional attachment devices caters to a diverse range of construction operations. It finds utility across municipal administrations, construction ventures, water management, highway maintenance, water distribution networks, power grids, landscaping, and other sectors. Moreover, it's adaptable for agricultural tasks, pipe and cable installations, as well as landscaping endeavors.
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DIG-DOG BL820W Backhoe Loader

Overall Operating Weight 8200KG Final Reducer Single Stage Final Reducer
Transport Dimension Rated Loader of Axle 8/18.5t
L*W*H 6100×2365×3752 Transmission System
 Wheel base 2200mm Torque Converter
 Min. Ground Clearance 300mm Model YJ280
 Bucket Capacity 1.0m3 Type Single-stage Three Elements
Breakout Force 58KN Max. Efficiency 84.40%
Loading Lifting Capacity 2500KG Inlet Pressure 1.3-1.5Mpa
Bucket Dumping Height 2742mm Outlet Pressure 0.25-0.3Mpa
Bucket Dumping Distance 925mm Cooling Method Oil-cooling Pressure Circulation
 Digging Depth 52mm Gearbox
Backhoe Capacity 0.3 m3 Type Fixed Shaft Power Transmission
Max. Digging Depth 4082/4500mm Oil Pressure of Clutch 1373Kpa—1569 Kpa
Swing Angle of Excavator Grab 190o Gears Two forward, Two Backward
Max. Pulling Force  65KN Max.Speed 28Km/h
Engine Tyre
Model WEICHAI WP4G95E221 Model 14-17.5/19.5L-24
Type In Line Direct injection Four-Stroke and Injection  Pressure of Front wheel 0.55Mpa
Cylinder-Inside Diameter*Stroke 4-105×130 Pressure of Back Wheel 0.223Mpa
Rated Power 70KW Brake System
Rated Speed 2200r/min Service Brake Air Over Oil Caliper Brake
Min. Fuel Consumption ≤230g/km.h External Type
Max.Torque 380 N.m / 1400-1600 rpm Self-regulation
Displacement 4.5L Self-balance
Steering System /Emergency Brake Operation Power Implementing brake
Model of Steering Device BZZ5-250 Manual Operation Power Terminating Brake
Steering Angle ±36 o Hydraulic System
Min. turning radius 6581mm Digging Power of Excavator Grab 60KN
Pressure of the system 12Mpa Digging Power of Dipper 44KN
Axle Bucket Lifting Time 6.8S
Manufacturer Feicheng Axle Factory Bucket Lowering Time 3.1S
Main Transmission Type Double Reduction Bucket Discharge Time 2.0S

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DIG-DOG also offers the following attachments for the backhoe loaders, in a variety of sizes and specifications to fit your BL820T mini tractor backhoe loader machine:

Backhoe For Sale | DIG-DOG
Backhoe For Sale | DIG-DOG
Backhoe For Sale | DIG-DOG
Backhoe For Sale | DIG-DOG
1. Are You Original Manufacture?
Yes, DIG-DOG is a Manufacturer In Construction Machinery In China And We Have The Wholeseries Earth Moving Machines You Need.
2.Which Incoterms Terms Can We Work?
Normally We Work On FOB, CFR, CIF.
3.Which Payment Terms Do You Accept?
Normally We Can Work On T/T Term Or L/C Term.
4.What About The Warranty Time?
12 Months After Shipment Or 2000 Working Hours.
5.What About The Delivery Time?
7-30 Days After Receiving The Deposit.
6.What About The Minimum Order Quantity Of the Small Tractor With Backhoe?
The MOQ Is 1 Pcs.
7.What To Look For When Buying A  Backhoe Excavator?
The purpose of the machine
Type of material being moved
-Assess The load.
-Look At The Controls.
-Assess Other Functional Features.
-Think About The Attachments For Your Mini Backhoes.
8. Price difference?
The product prices on the website fluctuate due to factors such as raw material costs. Please refer to the quotation from the business person in charge.

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