DIG-DOG BL920 Backhoe Loader 9300 Kg

Item No.: BL920
    Rated power: 75 kw
    Rated load: 2.5 ton
    Loader bucket capacity: 1.2 m³
    Backhoe capacity: 0.3 m³
    Custom Attachments
    Upgradeable Configuration
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BL920 Overview

The backhoe loaders for sale, BL920, is the latest innovation from DIG-DOG, designed for the Russian market. Its robust frame and potent Yuchai diesel engine enhance breakout force and lifting capabilities. Equipped with four-wheel steering and heavy-duty axles, the BL920 offers increased sturdiness and flexibility. Crafted with customer needs in mind, it ensures reliability, power, and superior operator comfort for demanding projects. Whether loading trucks, breaking blacktop, laying pipe, excavating trenches, or handling materials, the BL920 backhoe loader delivers exceptional performance.
Standard features include four-wheel steering, crab-shaped travel, front and rear mechanical operation, air conditioning, preheating, hydraulic pump, Eaton steering gear, priority valve, axle box, and reserved breaker pipeline.

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BL920 Features & Benefits

1. The integral frame, and the whole machine has good stability and is more suitable for excavation work;
2. The excavating working device is side shift type,high strength and good structural stability;
3. The loading end working device adopts eight-bar linkage mechanism.

Packaging & Shipping
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Company Profile

Cheap Backhoe For Sale | Backhoe Loaders Factory

DIG-DOG, dig love & build dream!

DIG-DOG is a branch of BONOVO Group. We have an independent brand and are dedicated to excavation projects in the construction machinery market.
DIG-DOG can provide excavators, wheel loaders, backhoe loaders, skid steer loaders, forklifts for the construction machinery industry, so that you can buy not only a single machine, but also full range of multi-functional and customized attachments to deal with different work requirements.
DIG-DOG machinery products exported more than 80 countries, and DIG-DOG has our own brand agents in North America, South America, Europe and many other regions,and we welcome more friends to become our brand agents. We can provide customers with more convenient and comprehensive after-sales service. Choose DIG-DOG to make your excavation work more easier and more convenient, and choose DIG-DOG to fully realize the possibility of configuring more accessories for the machine.

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DIG-DOG BL920 Backhoe Loader 

Operating weight 9300kg  Engine
Transport Dimension Engine model WC4A105Z-T20
Total length(bucket at ground) 6450±80mm Cooling type Water cooling
Total width  2650±20mm Rated power 75 (kW)
Bucket width 2620mm Displacement 4.8(L)
Total height (cabin top)   3120±10mm Rated speed 2200(r/min)
Total height (digging boom top)   3940 ±20mm Max. Torque 400(N.M)
Wheel base 2335±10 mm Manufacturer YUCHAI
Wheel tread 2139 ±10mm Transmission
Rated load 2500KG Hydraulic torque convertor  Model 290
 Rated bucket capacity 1.2m³ Cooling way Pressured oil circle
Max. Dumping height (41° dumping angle)  3050±50 mm Gearbox Model 15
Dumping distance  870±20 mm Type Mechanically Operated Hydraulic Synchronized Shift
Rated backhoe capacity 0.3m³ Driving axles Model WZL100
Gear shift Forward 4 Backward 4
Max. Digging depth 3820±20 mm  Speedmaxkm/h 32 km/h
Max. Digging radius 5345±20mm Tyres model 16.9-28
Max. Loading height 3740±20mm Hydraulic system
Max. Digging force 5100kgf Working pump displacement 63ml/r
Max.Digging height 5470 ±20mm Working pump pressure 20Mpa
Lifting force at Max. Digging radius 1220kg Diverter model BZZ5-250
Max. Digging Depth 4970±20 mm Oil capacity
Max. Loading Height 4983±20mm Hydraulic oil tank 125 L
Max. Digging Height 6680±20mm   Fuel tank 125 L
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DIG-DOG Offers Customized Multi-Purpose Attachments for Your BL920 Mini Tractor Backhoe Loader.
 Cheap Backhoe For Sale | Backhoe Loaders FactoryDIG-DOG BL920 mini backhoe loader has flexible working space and convenient transportation, and can replace the existing large machinery in the municipal department that is not suitable for municipal construction. In addition, the construction and maintenance of airports, ports, docks, mines, military facilities, and oil and gas pipeline laying also require the use of backhoe loaders.
DIG-DOG mini backhoe loaders offer quick change devices for easy hooking up of a variety of compatible components. These tools include special buckets, sweepers and flat forks, hydraulic hammers: for breaking up asphalt, augers: for drilling round holes, asphalt grinders: for grinding road surfaces, lifting grapples: for clamping Tighten and pull out rooted material (such as tree stumps), etc.
The ability to interface with different tools greatly expands the versatility of the BL920 mini backhoe loader. Different attachments allow the backhoe loader to perform many different tasks on the job site.
During construction, the operator can easily switch from excavator to loader by simply rotating the seat once in the cab. The backhoe loader has the core functions of digging and loading, and can be equipped with a quick change device. By replacing different accessories, it can realize various functions other than mining and loading, such as crushing, drilling, snow removal, cleaning, municipal emergency, etc. . This equipment provides a full range of solutions for customers in rescue, urban plumbing, landscaping, roads and other industries.
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1. Are You Original Manufacture?
Yes, DIG-DOG is a Manufacture In Construction Machinery In China And We Have The Wholeseries Products You Need.
2.Which Incoterms Terms Can We Work?
Normally We Work On FOB, CFR, CIF.
3.Which Payment Terms Do You Accept?
Normally We Can Work On T/T Term Or L/C Term.
4.What About The Warranty Time?
12 Months After Shipment Or 2000 Working Hours.
5.What About The Delivery Time?
7-30 Days After Receiving The Deposit.
6.What About The Minimum Order Quantity?
The MOQ is 1 Pcs.
7.What to Look For When Buying A Backhoe Loader?
-Think About Your Job Surface.
-Assess The Load.
-Look At The Controls.
-Assess Other Functional Features.
-Think About Attachments For Your Mini Backhoe Loader.
Cheap Backhoe For Sale | Backhoe Loaders FactoryCheap Backhoe For Sale | Backhoe Loaders Factory

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