DIG-DOG DFL35 Diesel Forklift Truck 3.5 Ton

Item No.: DFL35
    Rated Load: 3.5 ton
    Lift Height: 3-6 m
    Power: 37.4 kw
    Truck Weight: 4785 kg
    Support Custom Attachments
    Upgradeable Configuration
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DIG-DOG DFL35 Diesel Forklift

DFL35 Overview

DIG-DOG DFL35 Diesel Forklift Truck, as supplied by leading diesel forklift suppliers, utilizes an articulated frame, hydraulic and mechanical transmission, and low-pressure, wide-base tires. This four-wheel drive machine boasts excellent viscosity performance, large traction, and outstanding off-road ability. Its stability is exceptional, making it suitable for heavy loads. With unlimited usage time, it's typically utilized in outdoor environments.
When compared to a gasoline engine, the diesel engine of this forklift, often a highlight in small forklift sales, exhibits superior power performance (resistant to stalling at low speeds, capable of handling overloads, and enduring long periods of operation) while offering reduced fuel costs.

DFL35 Specification

Engine power: 37.4kw,

Rated load capacity: 3500kg,

Minimum turning radius: 2550mm,

Speed at full load: 20km/h,

Front tire: 28*9-15- 12PR,

Rear tire: 6.50-10-10PR,

Wheelbase: 1850mm,

Ground clearance: 135mm,

Overall machine weight: 4560kg,

Fork length: 1220mm,

Mast tilt angle (front/rear): 6/12 degrees,

Overall dimensions: 2.85×1.22×2.06 m

DEL35 Advantage

Hydraulic Lift
Reinforced And Thickened Door Frame
Customizable Height
Side Shift Can Be Added
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Diesel Forklift Suppliers | Small Forklift Sales 

DFL35 Details

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Packing & Shipping

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DIG-DOG DFL35 Diesel Forklift Trucks

Special type Power form diesel unit
Specified load 3500 kg
Load center 500 mm
Lift height 3000 mm
Free height gain 100 mm
Fork size Long×Width×Thick 1070×125×50 mm
Mast inclination angle Before/After 6/12 Deg
Minimum turning radius 2450 mm
Minimum right angle channel width 2235 mm
minimum ground clearance 135 mm
Overhead guard height 2160 mm
Front overhang 495 mm
Performance Max driving speed Fully loaded/No load 19/19 km/h
Max lifting speed Fully loaded/No load 330/370 mm/s
Largest traction Fully loaded/No load 13/10 KN
Maximum grade 20 %
Size Full length With fork 4065 mm
without fork 2700 mm
Full width 1225 mm
Max lifting height of fork (with shelf) 4265 mm
Door frame floor height 2065 mm
Chassis tire Front wheel 28x9-15-12PR
Rear wheel 6.50-10-10PR
Wheelbase 1700 mm
Wheelbase Front wheel/rear wheel 1000/970 mm
Self-respect No load 4780 Kg
Drive Battery Voltage/Capacity 12/80 V/Ah
Engine model Xinchai490
Rated power 36.8/2500 kw/rpm
Rated torque 156/1700-1900 Nm/rpm
Bore size 90×105 mm
Number of cylinders 4
Displacement 2.54 L
Fuel tank capacity 70 L
Transmission gear (front/rear) 2/2 manual shift 1/1 power shift
Work pressure 17.5 MPa
DIG-DOG Forklifts belong to lifting transportation machinery, which is widely used for the loading, unloading and handling of packaged goods in factories, warehouses, stations, docks, ports, etc. After being equipped with other working tools, it can also be used for the loading and unloading of bulk goods and other non-packed goods.
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Diesel Forklift Suppliers | Small Forklift Sales

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